A month-long course aimed at those who aspire to get Linux-related jobs in the industry - junior Linux sysadmin, DevOps-related work, and similar. Server focussed and command line, but assumes essentially no prior knowledge, and starts off very gently - designed to be well-suited to a Windows or Apple person as well as those that already using Linux in some form.

This was a paid course in the past, but is now free and fully open source - so costs you nothing but your time!

The course is run via Reddit, so you will need a Reddit login, and to subscribe to r/linuxupskillchallenge - each weekday a new lesson is posted there, and it allows a great forum-style interface to discuss and get help.


If you’re keen to do this, then you will need your own Internet-exposed server - but full instructions on how to set this up for free or cheap are in the ‘Day 0’ posts in the subreddit.

The course restarts on the first Monday of each month so don't worry if you can't make it on your first round!

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